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Wave Simmer Blacktip X 2018 :  729,00€  545,00€
Blacktip X 2018

Taille :

Millésime 2018
Surface 4.0
Guindant 367
Longueur de Wish 148
Mat Conseillé 340/370
Type de mat RDM
Top Ajustable
Lattes 4
Cams 0
Prix 545.00€



The 2018 Blacktip X represents Simmer Style’s heritage in providing high-end performance coupled with hardcore durability. Blacktip X enters the arena prepared slay wave after wave and stay hungry for another, no matter what the consequences may be, even if you are in an environment with sharp features and obstacles. With the all X-Ply construction and PVC main paneling, Blacktip X also possesses the precise handling and fingertip reaction that the Blacktip is famous for, being of the very same profile. This is the best choice for any rider who wants a bullet proof sail that allows you to go for it, knowing your gear can handle it. The ever durable Blacktip X is your shield of invincibility.

Blacktip X is the sail of choice when you want to lay it all on the line and thrive in full control in the most demanding environments.


- The three kevlar stretch control tendons combined with a progressive batten layout secures the sail profile giving the sail a wide wind range.

- A lower positioned clew ring to respond to a more upright sailing position, seen in multi-fin sailing.
- Low end power for early planing, high cut foot combined with relatively short boom for maneuverbility.

- Superb ability to de-power in the critical moment of a maneuver and very forgiving handling characteristic.

- Bulletproof durability.  

- Seams aligned along the directions of the load lines to distribute the forces.

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