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 Keith on the newly launched Super Mini: “So as the name describes, this is our compact fast wave stick. We’ve been working on this all-around board for the last four years and both tested and launched a small Custom World series of it along the way.

The concept comes from Dan Thomson of the surfing world. I tip my hat to him and his creation. I am fortunate enough to use the concept and bring it to windsurfing. Short lengths with according widths and smooth outlines make this board not only super functional but looking good as well. The volume flow and rocker are critical on these boards as they are so short. The Super Mini is balanced very smoothly. Fast, compact, early planing, and keeping you on a plane. The shorter lengths allow for quick turns. The parallel outline allows for insane forward drive for such a short board. This is the all-around board for onshore to side shore, for blasting around backside to frontside with smooth and continuous speed.”

ModèleVolumeLargeurLongueurPoidsDétailsTaille Voile
Super Mini Pro 78 78 ltr 55.5 214.5 cm 6.2 kg MFC RTM TF Center 17 US - Side 10 MT 3.2 - 5.0
Super Mini Pro 85 85 ltr 57.5 cm 217 cm 6.3 kg MFC RTM TF Center 18 US - Side 10 MT 3.7 - 5.3
Super Mini Pro 94 94 ltr 60 cm 218.5 cm 6.6 kg MFC RTM TF Center 19 US - Side 10 MT 4.0 - 5.7
Super Mini Pro 103 105 ltr 61.5 cm 221 cm 6.9 kg MFC RTM TF Center 20 US - Side 10 MT 4.2 - 6.0

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