The new Volar Pro is our ultimate Windsurfing Board, to grow, learn and enjoy the greatest sport on earth on all levels.

The board is fast, stable and accelerates with each gust of wind. On a straight line or jibing, the Volar Pro rides naturally, giving the rider all the confidence to push its own level at every move.

With its thinner profile, on the water or the air the new Volar Pro feels as an extension of your body. Each shape was individually created to match its conditions, giving the larger volume sizes the wider, early planning and balance need it on those conditions, while the smaller two sizes increased bottom curve ride add the joy and ease for the rougher days.

All sizes come with top of the line full carbon deck construction so you can enjoy these new shapes like a professional.

ModèleVolumeLargeurLongueurPoidsDétailsTaille Voile
VOLAR PRO FREERIDE 105 105 ltr 68 cm 247 cm 6.6 kg MFC LP 36 PB <8.0m2
VOLAR PRO FREERIDE 115 115 ltr 71.9 cm 249.2 cm 6.9 kg MFC LP 38 PB <8.5m2
VOLAR PRO FREERIDE 130 130 ltr 77.3 cm 250 cm 7.6 kg MFC LP 42 PB <9.0m2
VOLAR PRO FREERIDE 145 145 ltr 85.9 cm 252.5 cm 8 kg MFC LP 46 PB <10.0m2

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