Complete performance of the rig is essential for performance windsurfing. Loftsails includes totally new mast extensions to our range of performance designs. Loftsails mast extensions bring reliability and ease of use to a new level. 100% molded metal construction, both SDM and RDM models include three wheels compatible with new 4roller tack pulleys. Spectra line is standard, our exclusive base designs are easy to thread thread and replace downhaul lines. The U-Joint (mast base) is a molded-metal construction for the upper part, the base includes a new, easy to use star-shape design lower part. Windsurf with total confidence with the totally new Loftsails mast extensions.

Spécificités Techniques

ModelExtension Range (CM)Poids (KG)
RDM 32 4-32 0.600
RDM46 4-46 0.600
SDM 32 4-32 0.600
SDM46 4-46 0.600

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