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Massive lift and ease of rotation drive progressive freestyle maneuvers. And they also drive the Bounce Pro, project baby and go to freestyle sail of choice for our team riders Antoine Albert, Yarden Meir, Jehyu Lee and Rob Warwick.

Feather light weight alongside the perimeter durability required in a technical freestyle sail. To make the lightest sail period, you have to shave off weight wherever possible, and the Bounce Pro offers the perfect platform to push this idea to the forward.

Ultra Lightweight body panels in Monofilm, Bi-Ply and Scrim, minimalized components, dedicated “lifting” draft profile, silky quiet rotation, all these details contribute to the feeling of lightness, lift and levitation of its pure freestyle design.

The new Bounce Pro features refined outlines with shorter boom lengths on sizes 3.8, 4.2, 4.4 and 4.8. This makes rotational and duck tricks easier. More shape forward and higher in the profile give more lift and pop. Refined foot batten shapes ease batten rotation and enhance the lifting nature of the sail.

Pro Construction,


Bi-Ply & Scrim.

Available in 3.8, 4.2, 4.4, 4.8, 5.1, 5.4, 5.6 square meters

Available in fuchsia & neon yellow.

Spécificités Techniques

SurfaceLongueur de Wish (Max/Min)Guindant (Max)Mat conseillé (Best/Alt)Panneaux (Body/Window/Luff)Diamètre de mat (Best/Alt)Vario TopLattes
3.8 146 370 370 Bi-Ply/Monofilm/Scrim RDM Oui 4
4.2 150 384 370 Bi-Ply/Monofilm/Scrim RDM Non 4
4.4 154 397 370 Bi-Ply/Monofilm/Scrim RDM Non 4
4.8 159 412 400 Bi-Ply/Monofilm/Scrim RDM Non 4
5.1 164 425 400 Bi-Ply/Monofilm/Scrim RDM Non 4
5.4 173 428 400 Bi-Ply/Monofilm/Scrim RDM Non 4
5.6 177 437 400 Bi-Ply/Monofilm/Scrim RDM Non 4

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